The Disrupted

Genre: Science Fiction

THE DISRUPTED is a 90,000 word, science fiction novel in which a disgraced veteran in a transhuman near future must stop an artificial intelligence from recasting the world to match his failed idealism. The narrative explores the implications of technological convergence to identity, culture, and belief through the flawed lens of characters navigating a reality that is evolving beyond their comprehension. 

An AI codebase has surfaced – programmed to instance on memories, and operating without either predictable goals or terminal values. For Maxwell Robinson, it’s the threat he’s sacrificed the last 30 years of his life to prevent. For Hiromi Watanabe, it’s the corporate secret she needs to escape. For Samira Balik, it’s the proof of faith to evangelize. For Veronique Allaire, it’s the opportunity to forge an empire. And for Stig Durand, an estranged veteran of the resource wars, it’s the rogue shadow of his past to confront.

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Illustration: Andrew Zbihlyj