Genre: Commercial, Suspense

REVOLVER is a 65,000 word, commercial, suspense novel. The fast-moving narrative centres around Max (Makoto) Sakai, a former Yakuza underboss thriving under an assumed identity in Toronto’s business community. When unexpected danger threatens his estranged wife, Mitsuko Kimura, Max is forced to embrace his conflicted past in order to confront an increasingly indefensible present. The story builds to a climactic truth that emerges from the conflagration of polluted honour, imperatives of duty, and ruins of love.

The cast of nuanced characters draws upon the criminal underworld (Western and Japanese) as well as individuals unknowingly caught up in bloodthirsty intrigues outside their influence. Toronto, Tokyo and Osaka provide the backdrop for multiple narratives to unfold and ultimately converge. The taut, dialogue rich, “show me, don’t tell me” storytelling maintains a tight focus on characterization, and exacerbates the mounting tension of each scene. The tale is explores the complexities of truth, bonds of expectation, and perils of identity.

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REVOLVER Conceptual Art

Images courtesy of Andrew Zbihlyj


Illustration: Andrew Zbihlyj