Transhumanism Series

Although my near 20 year career in the digital creative industry has come to a close, technology and its cultural impact remains a passion point. In a nutshell, transhumanism fundamentally revolutionizes what it means to be human through technological advancements. It’s a confusing, often sensationalized/misrepresented or overly academic landscape that needs exploration by laymen.

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Applied Arts

The article is a call to arms for designers to look beyond where we are today, understand their prospective impact on longterm precedent, and appreciate a responsibility that goes well beyond earning a pay cheque.

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SXSW Series

One of the yearly highlights of my career in the creative industry was heading to Austin, TX for SXSW Interactive. I had the opportunity to speak with a wide range of presenters – everyone from NASA scientists to leaders in robotics and the human/machine convergence movement. I’ve selected a handful of articles from the past couple of years that may prove insightful to those who weren’t there to experience the conference firsthand.

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Entrepreneur Series

Having spent the last 14 years establishing a successful creative agency, I learned a lot of hard lessons. Rather than close out that chapter of my life silently, I wrote a series of articles that could prospectively benefit new entrepreneurs. They encapsulate many of the insights I learned (often after having my metaphoric teeth kicked in).

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